Aim | lesoleilfoundation


The Le Soleil Foundation is an initiative mainly focusing on culture and the arts. Given the current circumstances, it is largely transforming into a digital platform aiming to raise people's spirits and to trigger positive thinking at all levels, in every part of the world.

We decided to answer to the gloomy times we experience, through cultural action and the ancient Greek ideals; to develop and promote charitable initiatives, chiefly to the benefit of young children, but without excluding aspects such as education, growth and climate change.
Our desire is to bring the Light of creation and positive thinking to the lives of every single person.

The Light lies within us. It is just like the Sun. Do remember: we are the Sun! There is LIGHT if we are brave to be the Light.

The aim of Le Soleil Foundation consists of two separate creative sections, which in reality converge into one common cause which is none other than contributing to society.

The first project is exclusively related to the Le Soleil aspect, its sole object being the arts and fashion; based on specific concepts, it aims to provide relief to vulnerable social groups and particularly to suffering children while also mobilizing people during circumstances requiring immediate support.

The second project is called Ilios and is related to the promotion and diffusion of the Hellenic civilization, within Greece and abroad, through dedicated events but also by creating infrastructure for exhibitions, suggesting projects reminiscent of Greece, designing editions, hosting events and speeches as well as receiving famous Philhellenes as guests etc.

Be part of something shining...We always have the Sun inside us. We bring the Light.

Son objectif est constitué de deux aspects créatifs différents, qui sont en effet rejoints ayant comme cause commune de contribuer à la société.

Il y a de la lumière si nous sommes courageux pour devenir la lumière.

Le premier projet relève exclusivement du domaine « Le Soleil », son seul objectif étant les arts et la mode. Toutes les deux, sur la base des concepts précis promeuvent des initiatives caritatives en faveur des groupes sociaux démunis, s’adonnant surtout à la protection des enfants souffrants des maladies ou mobilisant les gens lors des circonstances qui nécessitent une intervention directe.

Le deuxième projet de la fondation s’appelle Ilios et se focalise sur la promotion et la diffusion de la culture grecque, tant en Grèce qu’à l’étranger, à travers d’événements particuliers mais aussi à travers des infrastructures créées pour présenter des foires et expositions mais aussi par des projets qui rappellent la Grèce, des publications, des événements, des discours ainsi que l’accueil de philhellènes célèbres, etc.