Ioanna Paraskeva

Ioanna Paraskeva

“Is there indeed a vulnerable balance between strength and sensitivity or maybe sensitivity is our greatest wisdom and strength…?

Clay and concrete, stainless steel and aggregates, silk and pigments, wax and gold.

Fragile materials in combination with strong building materials are being engaged to answer above question embracing a delicate figure.

Τhe feminine figure throughout the centuries, the women of strength were competing with an emotional sense of grace. Sensuality as part of human nature was sometimes used as a weapon or as defense.

As an artist, creating is a “seductive” urge. For me as an artist, the act of creating is a “seductive” urge. It is the trip and on the same time a challenge of the mind to convey the feminine essence and mystery through different eras to this day whereas, it remains a problem-solving engagement to transform this spirit into a sculpted figure, practicing with opposing materials.

I used to say that my sculptures have a strong personality. They know well how they would like to be and guide me throughout the process. It is about mental images and feelings that urge to be realized. It is a fantasy, ethereal world, visualized in figures that whereas they seem realistic at first glance, they have elements of exaggeration. In fact, it is a combination of realistic and abstract forms.

The result is bringing the observer into a dramatic environment where an interactive relationship begins.

It is strange really, but it has never occurred to me to leave a piece unfinished or to work into two pieces together. When I get into the creative mood and into the specific feeling of the sculpture, I’m working at, I just can’t stop. It’s a magic process that makes me feel relaxed and at peace.

After finishing a sculpture I have an amazing feeling of accomplishment and freedom. I am free from this image that was captivating my mind and she is free from me to conquer the world.”

Ioanna Paraskeva

Ioanna Paraskeva is a professional in the business administration field, active and at the same time a restless personality, with an inherent call to Art.

She is a Quality Auditor and she has over 26 years experience in business management. Her profession offered her the opportunity to travel around the world and acquire many diverse experiences, images and influences, something that reflects in her creations.

Her relation with art is innate. At a younger age, she has painted with  acrylics and oil, copper engraving and painting on glass.

Sculpting was an a field that has always been appealing for her. In her research and her need to express new possibilities she dares to combine techniques and materials, sometimes even quite opposite to each other. At her works we meet strong building mediums like stainless steel, concrete and aggregates combined with delicate ones like clay, paper and silk. We meet contemporary metallic paints, gold leaf and wax combined with primitive techniques of earth pigments and egg-tempera coming from Medieval era.

Her sculptures are easily recognizable as they are characterized by the intense movement, plasticity and sensational, while gentle, approach of the feminine figure, wandering the mind into something ethereal and mysterious.

Each creation is original and unique, as she first creates the main body and then uses carving technique to sculpt the details. She never uses molds, nor produces molds out of them. Sculptures are signed (carved) and are accompanied by a certificate which guarantees their uniqueness.