Fashion Floor

Fashion Floor

Art, Fashion and Photography in the brand new rooms & suites of the St. George Lycabettus Lifestyle Hotel!

All rooms & suites have been newly renovated with stunning designs inspired by the triptych "Art - Fashion - Photography".

The rooms were designed and decorated by Greek architect, Katerina Efthymiou, of Positive + Architects.

Some of the worlds most prominent fashion designers (Pierre Cardin & Anna Molinari) have turned the suites into stylish "temples" of fashion. as well as contemporary Greek designers Mary Katranzou, Sophia Kokosalaki, Daphne Valente, Vassilis Zoulias and many more who have contributed their designs to the Fashion Floor which was inaugurated by the internationally renowned French designers Jean-Claude Jitrois & Chantal Thomass .

Presented from a modern perspective, the works of Greek designers, painters and photographers become a reference point, helping the visitor to become familiar and acquire a personal relationship with the hotel and the Greek culture. A big part of this collaboration-the rooms of the Greek designers-was realised because of Ada Iliopoulou.

203 Valtadoros

204 Laskaris

205 Loukia

206 Ntasios

207 Katratzou

210 Zoulias

211 Valente

212 Orsalia Parthenis

212 Orsalia Parthenis

213 Erifili

219 Katsanidou

220 Kokosalakh



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