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Actress and multiple Grammy award-winning singer, Mary J. Blige, appeared live to wish Happy birthday to our President and famous journalist Ada Iliopoulou, during her Sun Goddess themed party.

Early in the afternoon of Saturday, 12 September, just in time to watch the sunset, several esteemed guests arrived at La Suite Lounge, in St George Lycabettus. Ada’s close friend, the President of Piraeus Marine Club and Deputy Mayor of Piraeus on Cultural Affairs, Ms Eirini Daifa, Ms Domenica Tsopelogianni of Tsopelogiannis Gas, members of the Konstantinos Spanos family, Ms Natalia Iordanou-Fourlis and Mr Giannis Fourlis, Ms Litsa Lavda, Ms Eirini Vassilopoulou, Ms Angeliki Margariti-Andrews and Mr David Andrews stated present. So did several people from the field of the arts, such as Ms Maria Georgiadou, the screenwriter of the new TV series by ANT1 entitled “The Sun”, Ms Marilena Panagiotopoulou as well as actor Pantelis Kontogiannis, the leading character of the Netflix film “Promakhos-The First Line” regarding the return of the Parthenon marbles and actress Lea Mornar, who just finished filming at the Savoy, where she stayed at the suite of Maria Callas and was thoroughly inspired by her.

Well-renowned foreign guests included French designer, Mr Jean-Claude Jitrois, who created the famous “Ada dress” inspired by the life and work of the journalist, and was accompanied by French actress and screenwriter, Ms Axelle Marine.

The president of Fantinel, Mr Marco Fantinel, made a surprise appearance. He recently concluded a business deal with Ada Iliopoulou and shared a very original surprise by the time the birthday cake arrived. 

Furthermore, the event decorations were indeed impressive. The flower installations signed by Ms Antoinetta Koutsouradi were nothing short of hanging gardens made with white hydrangeas, sword lilies, roses and mini orchids, elegantly coupled with golden amphorae and cups with golden grapes and white roses, next to golden candles.

The dinner started with intricate dishes by chef Vassilis Milios and chef Giannis Douros, who ensured that they were all decorated with a sun! The distinguished guests were treated to Fantinel wines, including the Sun Goddess, which received a gold medal in London and was launched by famous singer Mary J. Blige.

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At some point, music stopped playing. Through the video wall display, right from the comfort of her home living room in the United States, superstar Mary J. Blige, a multiple Grammy award-winning singer, famous actress and philanthropist, told the guests: “Good evening everyone, good evening to sunny Greece! I am here to wish Happy birthday to my dear Ada, for this special celebration of your Sun Goddess themed birthday party. It is the first night of Sun Goddess in Athens! I’m sorry I cannot be with you tonight but prior engagements in relation with the drama series “Ghost” did not allow me to. I wholeheartedly want to come soon to visit beautiful Greece and especially those amazing islands! Cheers, everyone!”

While the guests burst into applause, her distinctive voice started singing Happy birthday to Ada Iliopoulou. Then, came the birthday cake, shaped after a golden sun inspired by traditional Venetian masks, where it was marked: “Sun Goddess Always shine bright... Born to glow”! The well-known journalist blew out the candles, followed by a new round of applause. 

The event was concluded with the performance of Penny Baili, a Natasha Atlas dancer. Wearing a black cape and carrying a disk with candles on her head, she was a true bearer of Light through darkness, while dancing a traditional Sun Goddess dance with the accompaniment of the song “Misirlou” by Nicholas Roubanis. She, then, threw away the black cape and emerged bearing a pair of golden wings, representing the Sun.

The party ended with all guests standing on their chairs, waving their table napkins in the air with a background of “Zorba the Greek”. Τhe highlight of the evening was Jitrois dancing to the music of Zorba to honor the unconquerable Hellenic soul, impressing all guests present with his dancing skills.