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Pericles Kondylatos

Pericles Kondylatos

Unorthodox yet authentic, sophisticated yet unique and always original, Pericles Kondylatos is a designer who brought a breath of fresh air to Greek jewelry and accessories because he did not accept to limit himself by what is considered modern or elegant. He combines the artistic obsession of surrealism with his own memories from different journeys, with Ancient Greek history but also with toys, with this jungle of a world as well with the soul; the soul that lies within anything real even if it is faux bijoux!

How did you decide to start designing jewelry?

It actually happened on its own, I did not decide it consciously. You know I come from a fine arts background, I was drawing and painting and doing sculptures, therefore, doing things with my hands was not a matter of decision; it was more of a habit.

What was the first jewelry item that you designed? 

It’s really difficult to recall that, because I count already 11years in the business, and I have been doing this long before I started doing it professionally; so it is really hard to remember. I could say this or that, but I prefer to be precise. The first one, that I remember though, is a necklace with a doll head that I created one day, after completing my painting. It was more like my past time entertainment; something done for fun, without really knowing what to do with it. I believe that most things that start as fun turn out to be somewhat of a success.

Despite the fact that you worked with some of the most famous Greek fashion houses that are active abroad, you became more well-known through your own individual activities. In your opinion, what was it that brought you success?

I believe that our way of expressing our selves, and our own take on what is beautiful, is our strongest trait and it is what holds within our success and prosperity. I mean, if you think about it, if another person used the materials I use, in the plurality and complexity I do, it would be most probably be a mess. However, because it is my aesthetics and my inspiration and vision, and because it derives from a place of truth, solidarity and authenticity, it makes sense - at least to me.

Would you like to name a few of the famous foreign women who have worn any of the jewelry you have created?

Many girls have worn my jewelry, Lady Gagabeing the most famous one; then, Mindy Kaling wore them at the Met Gala and Patricia Field has used my jewelry in the TV series she worked. This is truly an honor for me, not only because she is so famous and she did the Sex and the City series which changed the way women dress in the entire world- but also because I admire her aesthetics so much, and so it happens that she is such a good friend of mine.

You have done a few shows together with Vassilis Zoulias. Tell us a little bit about it. Which ones are your favorites?

Our best show so far has not taken place yet, because I always tell myself that I have not taken my best shot just yet, and I always want to try harder! Therefore, whenever people tell me that I did this and that, I always reply, “Oh, you haven’t seen anything yet!” One of the best shows, however, was the latest one titled NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM, which means A NEW WORLD ORDER. In my opinion, this was the best show that has ever taken place in Greece. I really do not know how I am going to top this. I have to try very hard to bring something better than this. I think it was amazing and I say this in a humble way, but whenever I see excellent work I name it, whether is mine or not. I really really loved it, and it gave me the opportunity to express myself.

Recently you presented a truly special show. Would you share some details?

I just did! I mean it was phenomenal in terms of production and in any other sense there is! As I told you earlier I can recognize a work that is well done; and that was well done alright! More than well actually. we did a mini movie that took people in ancient Egypt! We had a cinema director directing it (Panagiotis Karamitsos and “We the people” team I love you guys) ; then, Natasa Kalogridi appeared on the catwalk as a gorilla, wearing a costume that required a special effects artist working on it  for a month to get it right! She even did a belly dance with the classic“Misirlou” song along with dancers, leaving everyone moonstruck. We had a choreographer and lighting effects and a whole team to back up us., We have been preparing the costumes even before summer and I continued working on them even on my summer vacations in Mykonos where I had an entire trunk with materials carried there for the show! I remember sleeping only four hours a day, and it was the craziest time of my life; there were oceans of tears, loads of painkillers but there were some good moments too! It was a unique experience. The budget went so high that I still do not have a clear idea of how much it actually cost. I am so thankful to the organizers of the Athens Xclusive Designers Week that supported us with sponsors, and to George Davlas, and to the amazing people who contributed to this success: the technicians, the women who made the garments, the models. This show literally required an army of people! Tonia Fouseki, Elfi Tsagataki, Antonios Spathas, guys I would be able to do it without you.

What does your current collection include?

My current collection is titled “Olympic Empire” and it is inspired from the Ancient Greek mythology and the twelve gods and goddesses of mount Olympus, the sacred mountain of Greece.

Tell us a little bit about the “Olympic Empire”.

The “Olympic Empire” is based on the symbols associated with each of the twelve basic deities of the Greek pantheon. I recreated their symbols in perfect detail, depicting the most precise symbolism that has ever occurred, made from silver! You wear them and with them, you carry the energy of each God. The Ancient Greeks did not worship their Gods as perfect beings, they portrayed them as imperfect, and did not try to bring the gods down to the human level by worship, they tried to raise the human to the divine extent. After all, the Ancient Greek religion was not exactly a religion but it was more of a philosophical system that fostered a set of beliefs aiming to bring humans closer to perfection. This is what Greece is all about: raising the human consciousness to divine levels. And, the Ancient Greeks did not just raise themselves, they raised the entire world. Nothing could possibly surpass that; nothing has and nothing ever will. Greece is the Alpha and the Omega. And that is the truth.

Recently you also created quite a different collection with precious stones.

Yes, I am shifting slowly toward this direction. I am only beginning this journey so I do not have much to say yet. Just Stay tuned!

What are the items that are considered timeless and that are so distinct that they are somehow reproduced in different forms?

I think the Divine Symbols are being recreated constantly; it seems everyone wants to buy them!

What aspect of your character is present in your work?

My work does not just incorporate aspects of my character; It transfers my very existence into it, so that when I die, my intellect will remain inside my work. That is what I call immorality.

What is the ultimate jewelry to be worn this summer and which of the jewelries you have designed will be your “forever favorites”?

I am very excited with the “Olympic Empire” collection!

Is there something about Hellenic entrepreneurship and the way it is promoted abroad that you wish to change?


What is your relationship with Mykonos?

I love the fact that Mykonos is next to the sacred island of Delos, the birth place of Apollo, the god of light, the Arts and music! That is why people love going to Mykonos. The feelings you get there… It is not just about the island breeze, nor the sea, nor the spirits; it is how it feels to be close to Apollo. It is the energy of Apollo, the energy of youth, vitality and life! Apollo was the embodiment of Sun, you know!

Is there a saying that you identify with? 

“Γνώθι σαυτόν” which means “Know thy self”. It is one of the inscriptions on the gates of the Oracle of Delphi, the sacred land of Apollo. Socrates used that phrase a lot, and for me it represents a way of life.

What do you see yourself in 10 years from now?

I do not know what I am going to be doing even in one year from now, so I cannot really answer that! It is not because I do not have a sense of direction, but because life is a co-creation, not a creation by a man alone. We co-exist in this reality, we do not master it and we need to remember that! We need to remain humble so that we let the path unfold before us, and not try manipulate it! If you try to manipulate it, then surely that is a path to disaster! Believe me when I say that you can only follow the path!