La Métamorphose

La Metamorphose

 La Metamorphose Gawkowska & Szczęsna was created with the passion to create beauty and desire to capture femininity in its highest form. La Metamorphose directs its collections of women's clothing that desire luxury, elegance and uniqueness. By design we transfer to them the composition of sight, hearing, and touch. For anyone who loves design, it is clear that this is a very long process, which is influenced not only by the professional skills and professionalism of the designer, but also by the mystery that lies in the specific place and vision of the author. When visiting Paris, ... while we were children, we observed the elegance and the nobility of the female outfit, and so did the mission of creating the collection of La Metamorphose. Today, when designing costumes, we move on to the composition of the eyes and sometimes touch. This is the basis of creation that embraces the whole human being of a woman. Welcome to our world of La Metamorphose where art design combines with creative imagination and magic style.

Their doll will be ready soon.
She has still her secrets about her songs!