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On Aura Tout Vu is a designer duo, which is well known for their ongoing playfulness, balancing between good and evil,walking the finest lines of couture in a heretic yet glamorous way, offering a new

perspective to social problems, as was the case during their last fashion show where they went against the concept of war through an Army of lovers. At the same time, their garments are worn by famous divas, from Madonna to Lady Gaga, and they keep making an impression. This year, during summertime, the designers

shall move for a second timeat their boutique in Paros island, where they create special collections inspired by Greece.

How did you decide to open a boutique in Greece?

L&Y: It was a dream of our friend, journalist Frédéric Blanc, to do something unique and to present the creations of On Aura Tout Vu (which translates as “We will have seen everything”) in Greece, launching the first Cycladic store, during

summertime,suggesting limited edition items created in the village of Naoussa at the island of Paros. So, we went ahead with it and we are satisfied with that choice. The brand was received very well by Greek customers.

It is already many years that, we are spending our summer holidays in Greece. The Cyclades are a favorite place during summertime. Greek history and mythology have inspired both of us and many of our On Aura Tout Vu creations.

How many years is it that you come for holidays in Greece?

L&Y: It’s already eight years that we spend more than 1 monthof our summer vacation in Greece.

Tell us on how Greece inspired  you.

L&Y: It is a country of sun and light and thus it is a great source of inspiration for us. It’s all about the history, the mythology, the lifestyle. In Cyclades, the colour of the water, the sun and most importantly the people who are very gentle are all welcoming you. Greece is a land of legends, the land of Aphrodite, Ares, Hermes, Poseidon, Zeus, Medus a, Prometheus and many more who have inspired the world through out the ages.

How would you describe the collection that we can find in Paros?

L&Y: The Paros boutique sugges ts the jewelry collections designed for the line On Aura Tout Vu Paris as well as the line Moulin Rouge by On Aura Tout Vu. You will a lso find limited edition accessories, exclusive ly available at the Naoussa shop. In addition to T-shirts, bags, shoes,earrings , bracelets and necklaces, there is also the line ''Greek eye'', revisiting the traditional Greek lucky charm available on clutches, as well as a line of small accessories such as bag mirrors, pillboxes and cardor credit c ard holders.

Through this strong symbol, we wanted to show our attachment to Greek traditions.

To fully enjoy sunny days in complete safety for the eyes, the On Aura Tout Vu eyewear collection is the o ne for all the elegant and stylish, thanks to a wide choice of models in ac etateor metal. A very modern line, which was designed in ourParis ian showroom and made in France, offering shapes that take after the great classics of eyewear but are, at the same time,reviewer by the whimsical hand of On Aura Tout Vu eyewear.You can also find the famous beach bag “Paris Pa ros”, a collection of embroider ed shoes, orthodox chaplets with Swarovski crystals and T-shirts with exclusive prints that are available only at the Naoussa store.

When will the store reopen?

L&Y: The Greek store will be o pen starting from July straight to September  uninterruptedly.

Tell us your favorite places i n Paros.

L&Y: Greece is an incredible country with an extraordinary diversity of landscapes.

For more than 8 years, we hav e been travelling at the Greek island s and Paros has captured our attention. 

Life on the island is very ple asant. You can res or have a party there, visit ordi nary villages or explore the many beaches of the island. The beaches are all amazing. We love Despotico, the little island near Paros. 

Leeks which architecture is incredible.

Piso Livadi, the little port with such a beautiful view,the Butterfly Valley and the night life in Naoussa. For those who don't know already, in Naoussa there is an On Aura Tout Vu new pop up store and many cafes.

Tell us about your latest fash ion show in Paris. Is the idea of war something we can battle against through fashion?

L&Y: It is not about war, it i s about peace; or if you prefer, it is about the war that takes place within us! It is the ete rnal struggle between positive and negative!

What does haute couture mean to you?

L&Y: It is all about a spirit of commitment, the haute coutureknow-how bequeathed to us to which we add new techniques to create unique pieces. The a im of haute couture is to change fashion, it is a ready-to-wear laboratory. It is a response to mass consumption. Nowadays, the fas hion industry produces way too much clothing.

What does freedom mean to you?

L&Y: To be who you are. Fashio n is a wonderful way to expres s yourself.

Would you tell us a few behind-the-scenes information about your collabo ration with famous stars ?

L&Y: Well, we need to be very creative and extremely quick! Everything during the creative process with the star s is top secret. When we elaborate proj ects, we totally respect the confidentiality.

It is very important for the success and the surprise effect. So, they remain the biggest secret.

The first famous collaboration we had was with NicolaFormichetti for Lad y Gaga. We still are thankful to him for thisopportunity and still love our work for Lady Gaga.

Our last creation involved 330 costumes for the cabaret “Par adisLatin” and Miss France 201 6 and Miss Universe 2016, Iris Mittenaere, as well as all the costumes for the da ncers of choreographer Kamel Ouali.

Nicki Minaj, Beyoncé, Madonna, Gwen Stefani, all artists are unique each one having shaped their own universe. So, our work for each of them is unique and in respect with each respective universe.

You also collaborate with Le Soleil Foundation about the“Dolls saving kids” project. Tell us about the doll you made for this charity event.

We love this project involving the doll created by Greek sculptor, Ioanna Paraskeva, in collaboration with our beloved friend, the President of the Le Soleil Foundation and a well-known journalist, Ada Iliopoulou. It is widely known that she always promotes Greece as well as any charitable work in favor of the less fortunate. Through this particular projec t, we are going to help children suffering from terminal diseases and all earnings shall be offered to a respective organization in Greece.

The name of our doll is Spiiky . The story behind it is that she isa magic wonder woman with a strong personalit y and behavior.Her dress is a couture dress with spikes, lace and crystal.

We are truly very proud to be able to support children this way!

In your opinion what are the ideal accessories for this season?

L&Y: We think there are no ide al accessories. Everyone needs to remain in harmony when wear ing any accessories. Fashionac cessories provide the final to uch for the outfit. And they h aveto be unique; as Coco Chane l commented in 1937: “In order tobe irreplaceable one must b e different.” So, all accessories made by On Aura Tout Vu are unique and will make you stand out in quite a unique way.

What is the perfect style for the Greek summer?

L&Y: Light, casual but chic su ch as the accessories we sugge stat the Naoussa store in Paros which resembles a little SaintTropez or Mykonos, 50 years ago.

Paros vs Paris. Which one do you prefer?

L&Y: We love both because ther e is just one letter that chan ges:Paris–Paros.

Your quote for the summer?

L&Y: “Green was the silence, wet was the light, the month of June trembled like a butterfly .” ― Pablo Neruda, 100 LoveSon nets

A mid summer night’s dream?

L&Y: There are a few but one of them is for the summer to come so that we can enjoy our new adventures in Greece a nd present our new exclusive coll ections.




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