Chantal Thomass

Chantal Thomass

She is a fashion designer and founder of the lingerie brand under the same name; she is widely recognized by the bangs she constantly sports, which was used even at the brand logo.

She started in 1967, experimenting in prêt-à-porter; however, it was in 1975 that she started designing her very sexy and feminine lingerie collections. The designer was faced with increasing difficulties from 1985 to 1999, and the brand has been owned by different people; ever since 2011, its final owner is the Chantelle group.

Meet her doll: 

Her name is “Always in love”

Her dress is made of vintage French lace and she keeps her collectible bag. She is sexy but very intellectual. She just went out of her sensual boudoir and she brings the sexy chic mood of it in the party!

Elle est une créatrice de mode, fondatrice de la marque de lingerie du même nom, reconnaissable à son éternelle frange, présente jusqu’aujourd’hui dans son logo.

Elle fait ses débuts en 1967 avec diverses expériences dans le prêt-à-porter, mais c'est depuis 1975 qu'elle dessine des collections de lingerie très sexy et féminine. Après des difficultés croissantes de 1985 à 1999 pour la créatrice, la marque passe par divers propriétaires pour finalement aboutir dans le groupe Chantelle en 2011.

Her doll is still in progress. You'll meet her soon!

Chantal Thomass