Eva Herzigova

Her name was ...Eva!

Photographer Vangelis Rassias has invented, from time to time, various ways to take photos of famous people during the Cannes Film Festival. He recounts a story about the way a photojournalist bypasses all other photographers in order to take some photos, whereas at the same time a fellow photographer is taking his picture!

Searching through my folders, I came across an amazing photoshoot of Eva Herzigova on the jetty of Carlton Hotel.
She was to pose for Helmut Newton, who was looking for photographers to act as extras! She was dressed in BDSM style, and clearly, as you can understand, I was not going to act as an extra! So, I thought about it and came up with this alternative: to reserve a table for lunch at the Carlton beach! Thus, I made my reservation, wore a nice smart casual suit, took my cameras with me in a lovely bag in order not to blow my cover, and started enjoying my meal!
Zero wait standing in line, zero begging to come in, I was merely a hotel customer! Back then, I owned a great small camera, which could literally do anything. When the time of the photoshoot came, it was utter frenzy all around. And me? Wearing my suit and with my small camera at hand I pretended to be a curious tourist! They had placed a ladder in order for Eva to climb on the Carlton jetty.
Artfully enough, I placed myself just below the ladder and waited! When she arrived, I was one of the very few who succeeded in taking a photo; you could actually believe she had posed exclusively for me!