Aleem Yusuf Couture

Aleem Yusuf Couture

Exploring the Haute Couture techniques of the golden age of couture, obsession with designing and sewing beautiful gowns is inherent in Aleem and his creative passion flourished from an early age.  His initial learning was from his great-aunt who was a fabulous couturière.

As this passion gained momentum, after completing fashion and couture studies, followed by invaluable experience in the couture industry he launched the ALEEM YUSUF brand in Melbourne.  He has shown at the Paris Haute Couture week consecutively for the previous two seasons. 

He is inspired by the contrasts of nature, surrounding environment and bygone eras.  An experience, texture, vision or conversation may translate into a creative emotional response that results into the next piece or collection of intricate wearable art, composed of classic traditional techniques juxtaposed with contemporary design elements.

Being passionate about custom-designing wedding, red carpet and special occasion gowns, his design process is an emotional journey and the client he works with is a part of that journey.

Name of the doll : Miranda 

The story of Miranda:

Miranda was the central character in Picnic at Hanging Rock, a famous Australian mystery drama from 1975.  The film is set in 1900 and is about the disappearance of a group of school girls including Miranda, at Hanging Rock near Melbourne.  The school girls were never found.  Miranda's spirit lives on in another dimension represented by this doll.  She holds her head high watching the reflections in the mirror.  She sees her trials and tribulations through past times and what a beautiful future lies ahead - an infinite presence that no one can trespass.

Meet Miranda!

Aleem Yusuf Couture